6 x Wild Scottish Sea Buckthorn Juice

6 x Wild Scottish Sea Buckthorn Juice


6 x 250ml Sea Buckthorn Juice


£7.50 per bottle.

Prepared from carefully selected, hand-harvested, wild Scottish sea buckthorn berries to bring you a very special hand-pressed juice.

Sweetened or Unsweetened?
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    Both sweetened* and unsweetened juice available.

    *Sweetened with organic raw cane sugar (14%).

    Each 250ml bottle is made from hand-harvested, hand-pressed wild sea buckthorn berries. Our juice is filtered, lightly pasteurised and bottled carefully in glass bottles by Willow in a community kitchen in the Scottish Borders.

    Picked seasonally, our unopened bottles will last for a year in a nice cool dark place. Once opened they should be refrigerated and consumed within 4 weeks.

    This complex juice will separate naturally so, shake the bottle well before use.

    Please expect 5-7 working days for delivery.

    If you require special arrangements such as next day delivery please contact us before making your order.
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Artwork by Gill Baron