Wild and Scottish is a small enterprise of enthusiastic foraging folk. Our ingredients are wild in spirit and grow wild in Scotland. We create limited lines of truly special seasonal produce, each with a dash of art, love and stewardship.




Sea Buckthorn is a spiny deciduous shrub found along the Scottish coastline, its bright orange berries taste uniquely delicious.


Wild and Scottish Sea Buckthorn Juice can be taken on its own for maximum buckthorn tang, or used in smoothies and other juice drinks. It goes especially well with seafood and game, in salad dressings and in very special deserts.


We supply hand-produced 250ml bottles of 100% sea buckthorn juice to wholefood, health food and deli-style shops, restaurants and caterers and operate an online shop based in the Scottish Borders.


Because we operate on a seasonal basis and follow guidelines for responsible and sustainable wild harvesting, each of our products is limited in numbers, determined yearly by consultations with joint stakeholders and land managers. 


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Artwork by Gill Baron