Sea Buckthorn is a spiny deciduous shrub native to central Asia that has become naturalised around Britain's coast-lands.  


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Due to recent changes in legislation we are unable to make any health or nutritional claims about sea buckthorn on this site.   Apologies....  please do your own research.

Our juice is mindfully harvested and prepared from carefully selected wild Scottish berries to bring you a fresh, 100% natural and very special hand-pressed product.

Used in Traditional Tibetan, Ayurvedic, Chinese and Russian medicine for centuries, Sea Buckthorn is now attracting world-wide interest and research into its adaptogenic properties and potential use in the prevention and treatment of many health problems.

Hard to describe in a few words something with so many complex qualities - you could think of it as a winter tonic, a foodie taste sensation Or.... an AMAZING tasting, low carbon footprint, super-fruit wake-up juice!

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Artwork by Gill Baron